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Super Tonic is Natural Hope Herbals’ proprietary “fire cider” formula. This popular traditional blend of spicy, pungent, and hot herbs is extracted with organic apple cider vinegar. Super Tonic has been used by common folk for centuries to support a healthy immune system. It is also USDA Certified Organic.

Action: Nutritive immune booster.


Fresh Organic Ginger root, Fresh Organic Horseradish root, Fresh Organic Garlic bulb, Fresh Organic Onion bulb, Fresh Organic Cayenne fruit


Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Himalayan Pink Salt


Uses: Immune system support for colds, flu, sore throat, and other infections. A popular formula of powerful, pungent herbs in a vinegar extract to support a healthy immune system. Super Tonic is made with only fresh herbs extracted in Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. (“We have used this effective formula for many years when the first sign of a sore throat approaches” – Graeff).

Dose: 2–6 droppers, ⅓ tsp.-1 tsp. 3-4x a day. Super Tonic can be combined with olive oil and other ingredients and used as a salad dressing. Store in a cool dry place. Shake well before use.

Cautions: Hot. Gradually increase dose to adjust to the heat.


Consult a health professional before using if you are pregnant, nursing, taking a prescription, or have a medical condition. KEEP OUT OF CHILDREN’S REACH.

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