Smidge Oysterzinc Capsules




Smidge Oysterzinc Capsules

Meet Smidge Oysterzinc, the epitome of zinc supplementation derived authentically from fresh oysters — the ultimate zenith in food sources for zinc! Embark on an immune-boosting journey with whole-food zinc, ensuring you’re fortified when it matters most.*

Crafted exclusively from oyster meat (you won’t find any shells here!), our Oysterzinc is a paragon of purity with its 100% oyster powder formulation. Handmade in intimate batches, it remains untouched by additives and fillers.

Every bottle encapsulates the essence of over 60 oysters, selectively sourced from the immaculate waters of the Atlantic Ocean in Ireland. The result? Arguably the most concentrated oyster extract available. Our meticulous creation process hinges on delicate convection drying at minimal temperatures, ensuring every nutrient remains potent and pristine.

Wondering why oyster-derived zinc steals the spotlight?

The zinc potency in oysters is unmatched — a staggering tenfold when juxtaposed with its closest competitor, red meat.*

However, the act of indulging in an oyster or incorporating an oyster zinc supplement isn’t comparable to the mere consumption of a generic zinc tablet.

Isolated forms of zinc can unwittingly disrupt the body’s intrinsic mineral equilibrium due to the absence of zinc’s naturally accompanying nutrients. A classic example: chronic isolated zinc intake can exhaust the body’s critical copper reserves.

Brimming with natural synergists, our Oysterzinc boasts peptides, amino acids, and a myriad of organic nutrients. This bouquet of components renders it highly bioavailable and effortlessly absorbable. But there’s more — revel in the benefits of vitamin B12, iodine, selenium, and copper.*

Peering into the oyster’s treasure trove reveals a bounty:

A spectrum of 19 amino acids, inclusive of taurine.
An array of 59 trace minerals.
A dozen essential vitamins.
The heart-healthy Omega-3s, both DHA and EPA.*
These nutritional gems are delicately balanced, ensuring they resonate harmoniously within your physiology.

Indeed, some treasures are more precious than pearls 😉

Encased within are 120 capsules, precisely curated to last a month.

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