Smidge Evening Magnesium Capsules




Smidge® Evening Magnesium (formerly Good Night Maggie™)

Introducing Smidge Evening Magnesium, a soothing supplement crafted with the elite magnesium form known as glycinate complex.

This all-natural and highly absorbable supplement is tailored to assist you in unwinding, ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep, and greeting the next day feeling rejuvenated. Say goodbye to the drowsy, clouded feeling often associated with generic sleep aids.*

Distinguishing itself from other sleep-focused magnesium supplements, our blend stands out for its utmost purity and small-batch production. It guarantees the absence of common allergens and additives, ensuring nothing hampers your serene sleep or digestive ease. Notably, we’ve omitted magnesium citrate, a component known to instigate stomach discomfort.

Ingesting a single capsule of Smidge Evening Magnesium not only paves the path for a tranquil evening but also addresses your body’s intrinsic magnesium requirement. Additionally, it’s formulated to alleviate minor stress sensations and restlessness, and to mitigate the discomfort of nocturnal leg cramps.*

Each capsule contains a potent 100 mg of magnesium (sourced from Chelamax magnesium bisglycinate and magnesium oxide).

Within the package are 60 capsules, providing a generous 2-month supply.

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