Smidge Morning Magnesium Capsules




Smidge® Morning Magnesium (formerly Wake Up Maggie™)

Smidge Morning Magnesium offers a balanced blend, encapsulating three natural forms of magnesium without the addition of fillers, preservatives, or additives.

Designed to infuse your body with the necessary magnesium levels, it’s a morning boost that rivals the energy from your daily coffee — and all that without any jitters.

What differentiates our morning magnesium supplement?

To avoid the digestive concerns linked to consuming excessive amounts of one magnesium form, we’ve thoughtfully combined three gentle and high-quality magnesium types — malate, orotate, and taurinate. These are meticulously mixed in small batches and equal measures. We’ve consciously omitted magnesium citrate, a type found in many commercial supplements that’s known to unsettle sensitive stomachs.

Further enhancing this blend is a hint of the mineral boron, working synergistically to optimize magnesium absorption and fortify bone health.* Additionally, the inclusion of taurine in magnesium taurinate ensures peak absorption rates.

You’ll appreciate that our meticulously crafted magnesium formula remains free from common allergens.

Consider Morning Magnesium if you aim to:

– Start the day fueled with enhanced energy*
– Foster cardiovascular resilience, mood balance, and improved circulation*
– Maintain digestive consistency and ease*
– Offer solace to strained muscles*
– Address mild headache concerns*

Each dose presents 200 mg of magnesium paired with 1.5 mg of boron.

The package includes 120 capsules, precisely meeting a month’s requirement.

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