Smidge Sensitive Probiotic Powder




Smidge® Sensitive Probiotic (formerly GutPro® powder)

Introducing our authentic, potent Sensitive Probiotic powder, boasting the familiar GutPro formula you trust.

We crafted this probiotic in response to individuals with highly sensitive digestive systems who expressed that they couldn’t handle certain strains and unwanted ingredients in many commercial options. Our commitment was to deliver exactly what they were searching for:

A high-quality, 100% probiotic powder enriched with eight clinically-validated strains of good bacteria.

Moreover, our sensitive stomach-targeted probiotic is designed with your ease in mind. We’ve meticulously adjusted the probiotic strains to enhance digestion, encourage regular bowel movements, and limit potential adverse effects.* This entails excluding some strains present in other brands that might lead to histamine intolerance, acidosis, and related concerns.

You can be confident that common allergens, unnecessary fillers, or additives aren’t included. Only pure probiotics, committed to optimizing your gut health while being gentle on your belly.*

Included is a measuring spoon, ensuring the correct dosage for both you and your loved ones.

20 grams, offering 1,000 servings, and delivering 3 billion CFUs with each serving.

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