Dried Burdock Leaves


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Benefits & Uses: Prepared Burdock leaves draw out pain and inflammation and stimulate circulation which speeds up healing.

  • Leaves serve as a moisture barrier and do not allow gauze to stick to wounds/burns, thus making dressing changes painless.
  • Burdock is a powerhouse of antioxidants and may prevent infection in wound area.

Storage: Must Keep frozen. Lasts indefinitely if kept frozen.

Use With Any Burn Ointment

Directions for use with 2nd & 3rd degree burns (not needed for 1st degree burns):

  1. Immediately use ice/ice water on burn area until completely cooled.
  2. While burn is cooling, prepare the leaves (see below).
  3. Apply a layer of ointment approximately 1/8 inch thick.>
  4. Cover with a single layer of leaves.
  5. Wrap with gauze or other bandage.
  6. For fastest healing, redress with new ointment and leaves every 12 hours.
  7. If rash occurs, boil leaves a little longer or exchange for: comfrey, plantain, grape leaves, lettuce, cabbage, or other leaves.


1. Heat enough water to submerge leaves to a temperature of 170-180°F (76.5-82°C). This is just a little too hot to put hands in.

2. Once water is hot, submerge leaves. As soon as water begins to get colored/darkened, remove leaves, (typically within 45 seconds to two minutes).

3. Allow leaves to cool and remove excess water, leaving them as moist as possible without having water dripping from them.

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